Message of Love
From the ragged, passionate rock of the title track to the sentiment of “Under the Impression” and the moving “After All These Years”, Rudy wears his pop music influences on his sleeve. You’ll hear early and later Beatles, echoes of maverick modern rock bands like World Party and The Verve, perhaps even a hint of the passion and drama of Italian opera. Buy on iTunes

I Am (EP)
aka I Am I.



The Divine Comedy
The 13 song adventure starts out dark and mysterious and ends with an amazing insight and optimism on the theme track “The World is a Marvelous Show”. One could find everything from The Beatles to Pearl Jam in the roots with the sound of The Damned here and there.

Crucifixion Lover
San Francisco 1995, a dark and strongly tempting CD was released, the shocking second album from the alternative, uniquely sexy Divine Comedy. The sophomore project takes the bands sound a step further into the reaches of the hard edge gothic rock while still keeping one foot in the majestic realm of the past. Buy on iTunes