“Under the Impression” reached #30 and “She’s Invincible” reached #46 on the Gavin A.C. radio chart.

“Message of Love” was named song of the day, resulting in over 2,500 downloads in 24 hours.

“The Unauthorized Rolling Stones gave a thundering performance hitting the stage with the song Start Me Up, and continuing through all of the Stones’ hits. The musicians played and looked their parts. The toughest part to play was Mick Jagger, which was played by Rudy Colombini. His clothes, facial expressions, mouth and hip gyrations, the hopping, strutting, holding of the microphone, vocal style and phrasing, hand gestures, even spontaneity when presented with something out of the normal, and right down to the way he approaches the stage and mounts it was Jagger-like.

Make no mistake, Colombini runs the show every moment he struts the stage. He has done his homework and captures every inch of Jagger of the real Rolling Stones; Jagger has a stand-in if he ever needs one.”

Michel Michel, Alameda Sun, 03 November 2011

RUDY COLOMBINI’S THE DIVINE COMEDY- BAM Magazine article February 1993

This is Rudy Colombini’s second musical life. The first phase of the 38-year old San Franciscan’s musical odyssey (which, he says, included work on the intriguing soundtrack to Francis Ford Coppola’s Rumblefish) ended in 1985, when his new wave band, The Twist opened for the English Beat at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium. He then retreated full time to a real estate career.

A few years back, however, Colombini began working on a collection of songs, which he took to Soundtek Studios in Campbell. There, he and South Bay music vet Robert Berry set about putting together what evolved into the 13-track CD Colombini recently released on his own Marvelous Show Productions label. The Divine Comedy flirts with pretentiousness but manages to come out sounding more grandiose than garish. Ian Hunter and David Bowie come to mind, comparisons Colombini accepts but adds, “My influences are really Dylan and John Lennon, more than anything and the Stones.”

Of the collaboration with Berry, the singer/songwriter says: “I came in and cut a couple demos with him, and it just evolved into the album. We connected musically. It wasn’t that we were into the same type of music. He was just able to create the notes on the album that I heard.” And what exactly was he looking for? “How would I describe the album if I had to use one word?” he ventures. “Passionate.”

Since completing the album, Colombini has put together a band (Mark Bassett on drums, Erik Earth on guitar, and Paris Love on bass) that bears the same name as the album. The group will make its debut March 1st at the Bottom of the Hill is SF. How does Colombini feel about returning to performing after years away? “I can’t wait,” he enthuses. “I don’t feel like I’m connected to any type of music. I feel like an individual.”
-Steve Stolder

There’s a fresh honesty and an affirmative romanticism in the music of Rudy Colombini’s album “Message of Love.” From the ragged, passionate rock of the title track to the rich sentiment of “Under the Impression” and the moving “After All These Years”, Rudy wears his pop music influences on his sleeve. You’ll hear early and later Beatles, echoes of maverick modern rock bands like World Party and The Verve, and perhaps even a hint of the passion and drama of Italian opera. This unassuming 12 song collection is a hopeful, mature statement on the simple truths of life and love in an uncertain world. Rudy Colombini’s passion comes through in his live performances, doing justice to the content and the energy of the CD. Rudy Colombini was born and raised in North Beach, the home to the Italian population in the rich cultural mix that is San Francisco. This artistic center which has spawned the poetry, novels, and jazz of the Beat Generation, North Beach has been the breeding ground for bands in the vanguard of all styles of music over the decades, not to mention home to the city’s famed adult nightclub scene. Rudy made his influences come alive in his first band, The Stragglers, playing gigs at the nearby Art Institute and across town at Cesar’s Latin Palace, before his chance meeting with former Beatle John Lennon. This fateful encounter inspired Rudy to get serious about songwriting. He evolved further in the 1980’s with Bay Area power pop bands The Twist and The Divine Comedy. After having pursued separate, successful career lines, Rudy Colombini has put himself back behind the guitar and microphone with new enthusiasm. “I have to be true to myself, who I am, and where I’ve been.” says Rudy. “The music I make is the product of the music I love and the things in life that I think are important. I’ve been lucky, and my plan is to make music for the rest of my life.”

Rudy Colombini makes passionate singer/songwriter rock in the tradition of Tom petty and John Lennon. Live his fervor as that of a street preacher, driving home his “Message of Love”. With Rudy on guitars, the standard rock band lineup of bass, drums & keyboards becomes a dynamic, versatile vehicle for often provocative and always evocative songs. The title song “Message of Love” received critical acclaim and set a record of 2500 mp3 downloads in 24 hours.
Rudy has been featured on Universal and EMI labels, and collaborated with Copeland for the soundtrack of Francis Ford Coppola’s film Rumble Fish. Rudy has toured with the Beach Boys, the English Beat and Marshall Cranshaw. reviewed the album “Message of Love” saying, ” The common thread in these pop anthems, revved up rockers, and melancholy ballads is Colombini’s sincerity. The pristine production of these rock instruments, embellished with horns and church organ, make possible to feel good all day long.”


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