Rudy Colombini is a rarity among the genre of singer-songwriters. His original compositions have achieved success while he also has become one of the most highly regarded frontmen in the tribute band world.

In fact, as an uncommon sign of loyalty to his dual purpose bandmates, he includes the band’s name on his original recordings. Colombini’s twin talents can benefit concert promoters by supplying two acts for the price of one. But if you ask Rudy which stage persona he prefers, his passion is clear, “The originals are where my heart lies.”

In 2013, Rudy is enjoying a resurgence as an original artist, after a brain aneurysm temporarily sidetracked his musical efforts. He recently enjoyed an extended run as the #1 singer songwriter on Reverbnation, the iconic website for original music, and his new EP, The Perfect Gift, is achieving widespread radio airplay. He has opened for The Beach Boys, Joan Jett and with the band, Elton John, Journey, Molly Hatchet, Pete Best, and more.

Prior to the medical setback, Colombini had achieved Top 40 Triple A Radio success, contributed music to a Francis Ford Coppola motion picture, and set a record for most downloads in a day on With his health now fully restored, Rudy is back on the road, performing over 80 gigs a year from small clubs to large showrooms.

Here’s what fans are saying about Rudy Colombini’s music:

“I have not experienced a closer musical bond In my career than the one I have with the artistry of Rudy Colombini. Rudy’s music connects by the expression of his heart and soul through the lyric and passion of his voice. From a rockin’ good time to the sweetest of sentiments. His music will resonate within you. Robert Berry, Musician, Producer”

“Wow. Reeeeeally good song… “Please sir, can I have some more?” – Crystal Ann Lea, M+M Music

“That’s beautiful music… I think I like it best of all.” – Robert Altman, Rolling Stone Magazine

“One of the most fun bands in California.” – Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome

“I love the song Summertime, I love the album The Perfect Gift… What a gift.” – Rick Neal, KFOX Radio

on Reverbnation:

“This is awesome! This is like 50s/60s rock with gospel backing vocals! I love it! Do not change anything – EVER!”

“Singer-Songwriter Rudy Colombini’s comeback now seems complete with his #1 position on the Reverbnation charts!”

“Just an amazing song, …brings a smile to my face.”

“…reminds me of the Beatles crossed with a little bit of Queen.”

on SoundClick:

“There’s a fresh honesty and an affirmative romanticism in the music of Rudy Colombini’s album.”

on CD Universe:

“Rudy Colombini makes passionate singer/songwriter rock in the tradition of Tom petty and John Lennon.”